Our all new 2022 Sportruck takes the Ford F150 to the next level.  The 2022 Saleen Sportruck is based upon the popular Ford F150 platform. Power is offered in four levels including enhanced Eco-boost 2.7 and 3.5L turbo charged versions,  naturally-aspirated 5.0L, and a supercharged 5.0L V8.

“We are excited to have returned to our heritage with a high performance Saleen Sportruck that fits perfectly within our program for a full line of high performance vehicles carrying the Saleen brand,” Said Steve Saleen, CEO of Saleen Automotive. “Our Sport Truck heritage includes many race wins as well as a national championship.

The Saleen Sportruck is instantly recognizable with Saleen’s exclusive air management system, featuring a functional air dam, front brake ducting, racing inspired grille and hood with center sculpting. The rear features Saleen nameplate trim in the center of the tailgate and large rear exhaust tips that tuck neatly into the lower rear valance for a race inspired look.

All Saleen Sportrucks come standard with a Racecraft suspension. Available on 5.0L V8 models, an optional supercharger raises power to 735hp on Yellow Labels, and 775hp for Black Labels. The trucks are available with side skirts or a full body step kit and Saleen-exclusive alloy wheels wrapped with General Tire high performance tires. All Sportucks feature a Saleen serialized front bumper number in addition to Saleen VIN stampings.

“The time is right that we return to the market with a product that feeds an audience of hungry Saleen Truck enthusiasts.”

Steve Saleen

CEO, Saleen Automotive

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