The all new 2022 Saleen XR is designed for conquering trails and off-roads. Based off the Ford F150 platform, all XRs come standard with 4 wheel drive and are offered in multiple power levels including enhanced 3.5L turbo charged version, naturally aspirated 5.0L V8, and a supercharged 5.0L V8 that pumps out 735hp in Yellow Label form, and 775hp in Black Label form.

All XRs come standard with a custom 3 piece Saleen grille, fender vents, rock sliders, and Saleen tail gate panel. The entire suspension was redesigned for increased off-roading prowess, yet still maintain daily drivability. In White Label and Yellow Label form, the XR receives a 2.5” lift and rides on 35” off-roading tires.

Our top of the line Black Label features a 6.0” lift with a full Fox® suspension that includes traction bars, fender flairs, and rides on 37” tires. Like all Saleens, XR models feature white Saleen gauges, custom steering wheel, premium interior upgrades, plus a serialized bumper and VIN stampings.

“Furthering Saleen Automotive’s commitment to continued growth in the performance car and truck markets, we are proud to debut our Saleen Sportruck XR.”

Steve Saleen

CEO, Saleen Automotive

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