Sneak Peek at Saleen’s 2024 302!

 Sneak Peek at Saleen’s 2024 302!

Sneak Peek at Saleen’s 2024 302!


In Honor of April 17th, the Bday of the Ford Mustang


Saleen Automotive, the Southern California vehicle manufacturer founded in 1983 by legendary racing driver and vehicle builder, Steve Saleen, gives the public a glimpse of its upcoming 2024 302 (design render). As Saleen Automotive celebrates its 40th year of business, it’s also celebrating the 59th birthday (April 17, 1964) of America’s favorite pony car; the Ford Mustang.

“We participated in the Mustang Stampede last fall and drove from the LeMay Museum (Tacoma, WA) to Detroit to commemorate the unveiling of the new Mustang,” said Saleen. “We were all excited for the debut, and when Ford unveiled it, we liked what we saw! We immediately started the design process back at our Southern California headquarters.”

Based off the S650 Mustang details, Saleen plans to offer three models; a White Label with a minimum of 500hp, Yellow Label with a minimum of 750hp, and a top of the line Black Label that will exceed 800hp. In addition to increased performance, all Saleens will get the latest Racecraft® suspension, improved aerodynamics and braking, along with upgraded, custom interior. The Saleen designed tonneau cover with dual hoop, carbon fibre, style bar that debuted on the SA-40 model, will also be available for upcoming convertible models.



Saleen is dedicated to transforming the transportation experience. For 40 years, the California-based automotive manufacturer has redefined driving through highperforming vehicles that combine championship-winning racing pedigree with innovative technology and distinctive styling.

From the first Saleen Mustang in 1984 to the legendary S7 in 2000, company founder Steve Saleen has continually moved the bar for vehicle design and performance engineering on the street and racetrack. In addition to its distinctive Saleen

Signature and Saleen Original vehicle lines, Saleen offers a wide variety of technical parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel for those with a passion for performance. Learn more at



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Saleen Automotive Inc. (OTCQB: SLNN) Corona, CA – (January 25, 2016)

The Saleen brand opened its first international showroom in Shanghai, China. The elegant showroom is located in the upscale Jing An District in Shanghai and will not only assist in broadening the Saleen experience but also furthering the brand.

The opening of the Shanghai Showroom is the recent result of an agreement formed between Saleen and Saleen Motors International (“SMI”), an affiliate of GreenTech Automotive and licensee of the Saleen Brand in Asia.

The store will have Saleen vehicles, parts, and accessories on the showroom floor, which will allow potential buyers to see, touch, and buy Saleen. “This is an exciting opportunity for the Saleen brand,” remarked Steve Saleen, “we have fans all over the world, but this will give us a whole new customer base and the opportunity to expand the Saleen experience.” Mr. Charles Wang, Chairman and CEO of GTA, stated that “Saleen has been the icon of American high performance cars. Its advanced powertrain technologies and aerodynamics will surely bring an exciting alternative choice for Chinese high performance car enthusiasts. The rapid expansion of Saleen’s customer base in China has not only made the legendary Saleen cars available to the vast Chinese market, but also increased manufacturing jobs in our production facility in Tunica, Mississippi. What a great win-win for both countries.”

For more information regarding this matter, Saleen can be reached at For investor questions, please email