July 13

1997: Partnership with McDonald’s

Steve becomes a household name when fast food franchise McDonald’s selects the Saleen Mustang as the one of the premier prizes for their popular Big Win Monopoly Promotion.
December 1

1996: Mustang Hall of Fame

At the 1996 Annual Board of Directors induction dinner, Steve Saleen is inducted into the Mustang Hall of Fame along with Carroll Shelby.
December 1

1996: SCCA World Challenge

In addition to multiple first place wins, fastest laps, pole positions, and lap leaders, Saleen mustangs capture the 1996 S2 SCCA Manufacturers Championship.
December 1

1996: Saleen Mustang

The Saleen S281 model is introduced. Offered along side the existing Saleen model lineup, the S281 is available in both a convertible (speedster) and coupe option. Steve partners with Budget Rent-a-Car to build special Saleen Mustangs for their fleet.
December 1

1995: Saleen/Allen “RRR” Speedlab

Steve Saleen and actor Tim Allen form the Saleen/Allen “RRR” Speedlab. Taking the 1995 win at Sears Point in the SCCA World Challenge series sets the team up for for a manufacturers championship the following year. This is also the year the Saleen/Allen Speedlab began campaigning the famous “Blazing Horse” insignia.
December 1

1994: 480 HP Saleen SR

With a new generation of mustangs, Saleen introduces his most impressive product lineup to date including the 351 c.i.d. powered S351, and the 480 horsepower Saleen SR. The was a special edition model that was offered in addition to the standard Saleen Mustang lineup.
December 1

1993: Saleen SA-10

Saleen celebrates its’ 10 year anniversary with the Saleen SA-10 Mustang. The SA-10 is a special edition that was offered to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Saleen Automobiles. All examples produced received sequential VIN numbers as well as SA-10 specific options.
July 13

1993: Next generation Mustangs

Work begins on the next generation of Saleen Mustangs
July 13

1993: Return to SCCA Competition

Steve Saleen returns to SCCA competition with a prototype supercharged Saleen Mustang in the World Challenge series.
December 1

1991: SCCA Truck Guard Shellzone Challenge

Steve wins the SCCA Race Truck championship with five victories in six races which moves him into a tie for the most victories in the series (49 wins!), and provides Ford Motor Company with the manufacturer’s championship. Steve continues to campaign Trans Am series with Saleen Scorcher Mustang and sponsorship from Champion Batteries, secures three top ten finishes
July 13

1990: Trans-Am Series

Steve Saleen switches back to Trans-Am series with a Saleen Mustang backed by General Tire.
December 1

1989: Saleen Mustang

Saleen celebrates its 5-year anniversary with the Saleen SSC Mustang. This was a special edition model that was offered in addition to the standard Saleen Mustang lineup.
July 13

1989: Saleen SSC

Steve builds the Saleen SSC, the most powerful Mustang built to date. The SSC boasted 300 HP! In this year Steve begins using his trademark chevrons.
July 13

1989: PPG Indy Car World Series

Steve enters the PPG Indy Car World Series with a team backed by Montgomery Ward. The vehicle he drove was a 1977 March indy car. Steve Saleen was the fastest rookie to go through orientation. He finished 13th at Long Beach Grand Prix, and 12th at the Toronto Grand Prix. Steve Saleen continued his winning campaigns in both mustangs and trucks.
December 1

1988: SCCA Escort Endurance Championship

On August 13, 1988, running a three-car Saleen team; Steve Saleen and his teammates finish 1-2-3 at 24 Hours of Mosport and gives Ford its first 1-2-3 finish since LeMans in the late ’60s. Saleen also enters a General Tire backed, Ford Ranger-based, Saleen Sportruck in the SCCA Coors Race Truck Challenge, captures two wins.
December 1

1988: Saleen Sport Truck

Coming out of the 1987 Race Truck Challenge, Saleen begins offering a Sportruck. Powered by a 6-cyl. 2.9L motor, the Sportruck offers the full Saleen package from performance to styling.
December 1

1988: Saleen Mustang

Saleen Autosport moves to Anaheim, CA and begins production on the 1988 Saleen Mustang. This year Saleen also begins using its “Championship Wreath” to signify its’ winning pedigree.
July 13

1988: 1-2-3 at 24 Hours of Mosport

Steve and his teammates finish 1-2-3 at 24 Hours of Mosport for the third consecutive year in a row and gives Ford its first 1-2-3 finish since Le Mans in the late ’60s.
December 1

1987: SCCA Escort Endurance Championship

With increased horsepower and torque, Saleen adds 4-Wheel disc brakes to the list of Saleen equipment, a first for any Mustang. This year was also the first year Saleen produced a coupe version. Steve, as the lead driver of a Three-car Saleen team, wins driver, team, manufacturer and tire championships in SCCA Escort Endurance Championship with sponsorship from General Tire. Steve enters a General Tire backed, Ford Ranger-based, Saleen Sportruck in the SCCA Coors Race Truck Challenge and captures two wins.
December 1

1987: Saleen Mustang

Advancing from the 1986 Race Season, Saleen introduces the 1987 Saleen Mustang.
December 1

1987: SCCA Coors RaceTruck Challenge

Part of the SCCA series, Saleen runs two Saleen Sportrucks in the inaugural Coors Racetruck Challenge. Similar to NASCAR style racing, the sportrucks run in tight packs and become known for developing the bump drafting technique that is seen in many of todays stock car racing.
July 13

1987: Steve does his first advertisement

The ad is for Monroe shocks with the tagline “Monroe helped Steve Saleen handle some wild horses.”
December 1

1986: Sports Car Club of America

On October 10, 1986, Saleen Autosport enters SCCA series with a race prepared version of the Saleen Mustang, and wins grueling 24 Hours of Mosport with sponsorship from General Tire. Drivers: Steve Saleen, Rick Titus and Lisa Caceras were joined by IMSA drivers Skeeter McKitterick and Tom Winters, along with F1 and Indy car driver, Desire’ Wilson. Giving Ford Motor Company the “first” ever in a Showroom Stock Endurance Championship Series; The Saleen GT team WINS grueling 24 Hours of Mosport with sponsorship from General Tire and ESCORT.
December 1

1986: Saleen Mustang

Saleen Autosport releases the 1986 Saleen Mustang which anticipates their entry into the ’86 SCCA ESCORT Endurance Championship with new 16-inch wheels, newly styled front airdam and decklid spoiler, and Koni adjustable rear shocks.
December 1

1985: Saleen Mustang

Saleen Autosport releases the 1985 Saleen Mustang, featuring all new aerodynamics, suspension, tires, wheels, and interior. In 1985, Steve Saleen’s secretary miscounted the vehicles produced that year, omitting vehicle number 6. Since 1985, Saleen has had the tradition of not issuing the #6 bumper number on any of its vehicles. The single race for 1985 was at his home track at Riverside International Raceway, California where he had won his first race twelve years earlier. This time though, he was competing in a prototype from his company, a black Saleen Mustang race car with two gold stripes.
July 13

1983: Introduction to Ford Executives

Steve continues to compete in selected SCCA Trans-AM races. This is where Steve is introduced to several Ford Motor Company executives.
July 13

1983: Birth of Saleen Autosport

Steve Saleen forms Saleen Autosport from his dinner table at his home in Santa Rosa, CA.
July 13

1982: A return to closed wheel racing

In 1982 Steve returned to closed wheel racing in the SCCA Trans Am Series, where he campaigned a Pontiac Trans Am for Pontiac Motor Car Company. He set a number of track records during the season, though he was never able to win a race, due mechanical failures at each event. His season efforts contributed to the team’s ultimate win of the championship.
July 13

1980: Setting Records

Steve runs the complete Pro Formula Atlantic series in a Ralt RT1 where he sets several track records, and leads the championship up until the last race, where he finished 3rd, only 3 points away from 1st place.
July 13

1979: Pro Atlantic

Steve Saleen entered the Pro Atlantic series and raced against the likes of Gilles Villenue, Bobby Rahall, Keke Rosberg, and Danny Sullivan.
July 13

1978: 13 New Track Records

In Formula Atlantic Steve set thirteen new track records in his region and won the Pacific Coast Championship.
July 13

1977: “Gas-Saleen”

Steve Saleen starts racing Formula Atlantic, in a March 76B. Steve Saleen won the Southern California championship and also set numerous track records. Due to his ability and speed on the track, Steve earns the new nickname of “GAS-SALEEN”.
July 13

1976: Super Vee Advancements

Steve continues to progress in the Super Vee Series by adding more aerodynamics to his Tui AM29.
July 13

1975: Kid Saleen

In 1975 Steve switched from closed wheel to open wheel series and joined the Super Vee Series, in a Tui AM29. Steve picks up the name “Kid Saleen” from the movie Cat Ballou starring Lee Marvin.
July 13

1974: Steve begins his professional racing career

Steve was the runner up in the Southern California B Production Championship with his second generation metallic blue over white Fastback Mustang. He began his professional competition career as well.
July 13

1974: Blown Clutch

Steve forgets he has 1200lbs of dog food in his Mustang and blows the clutch drag racing an El Camino onto the Glendale freeway!
July 13

1973: Steve’s First Racing Win

August 19th, 1973: Riverside International Raceway, Riverside, California. Steve Saleen enters his first sports car race with his Ford Mustang and wins!
July 13

1972: Steve’s Mustang Passion Expands

Steve’s passion for Mustangs is unwavered as he purchases another Shelby GT350 for $300 and tows it to the same spot where he wrecked his last Mustang for its inaugural drive.
July 13

1971: Racing is for tracks

On July 6th, 1971, Steve learns that racing is for the track when he drives his Shelby GT350 off a cliff in Turnbull Canyon in Whittier, California. Steve spends months recovering from his injuries.
July 13

1970: Honing his skills

Steve continues to hone his driving skills.
July 13

1970: Steve continues to modify his GT350

Steve once again repaints his car to Candy Apple Red with gold stripes.
July 13

1969: Steve modifies the Mustang

Steve, not satisfied with the current paint scheme, repaints his Shelby GT350 to Big Bad Green Lime with black stripes. This is also where Steve begins to transform his street car to a race car by changing the wheels, suspension, adding a roll cage and side exhaust. This year Steve also begins engine work by adding two 4-barrel Weber carburetors and takes it to his first time trial.
July 13

1969: Steve buys his first Mustang

Steve buys a Shelby GT 350 from the Hollywood School of Self Defense and quickly gives it a flashy new paint job
July 13

1968: Steve’s Porsche Gets Painted

Steve paints his Porsche Robin’s Eggshell Blue and adds more horsepower.
July 13

1967: Steve’s Porsche

1967: Steve’s Porsche
Side view of his 1956 Porsche Type 356 Coupe European Model
July 13

1966: Steve Saleen’s First Car

1966: Steve Saleen’s First Car
Steve gets his first car, a 1956 Porsche Type 356 Coupe European Model
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