Saleen Debuts the 2024 800hp 302 Black Label Mustang at MCA 60th Anniversary

Celebrating 40 Years of Saleen and 60 Years of Mustang

Saleen Automotive, the Southern California vehicle manufacturer founded by legendary racing driver and manufacturer, Steve Saleen, unveiled its 2024 302 Black Label at the MCA 60th Mustang Anniversary at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama, April 6

The 302 Black Label is the top of the line model in the 302 family, and with 800 supercharged ponies it has the power to back up its aggressive look.

The Black Label features an all new Saleen developed air management system. Starting with the sculpted hood, a center vent extracts high pressure air and engine heat, while recessed side vents release high pressure from the wheel area. The new hood integrates seamlessly into the front fascia that provides additional down force, and has fully functional brake cooling ducts.

All new side skirts, a rear fascia with integrated diffuser, and a Saleen rear wing that provides additional downforce and balance, round out this new aerodynamic package.

Paying homage to some of the classic Saleens, the Black Label also features a center exhaust exit. This particular Black Label is finished in Speedlab Beryllium, one of 14 proprietary Saleen Speedlab colors available.

As with all 2024 Saleen 302 models, an instrument surround frames the new LED screens, creating a more integrated and flowing look. A passenger grab handle further compliments the overall aesthetic and functionality.  All Black Labels feature custom Saleen Sport Seating with Alcantara and color matched stitching.

“I’m proud to say that our new 800 horsepower Black Label is our most comprehensive 302 model to date. We’ve spent a lot of time not only developing the look, but making it functional as well,” said Steve Saleen. “In addition to what you see here, we will also be offering some exciting options such as a multi-chambered titanium exhaust that produces an F1 inspired sound, and a sequential transmission in the near future.”

All 302 Black Labels come with a Gen 5 Racecraft® suspension, Saleen brakes, and Saleen wheels and tires. Starting MSRP is $108,990.



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Founded in 1983, Saleen Automotive has been designing and manufacturing high performance vehicles for over 40 years  Saleen is dedicated to transforming the transportation experience, and this California-based automotive manufacturer has redefined driving through high-performing vehicles that combine championship-winning racing pedigree with innovative technology and distinctive styling.

From the first Saleen Mustang in 1984 to the legendary S7 in 2000, company founder Steve Saleen has continually moved the bar for vehicle design and performance engineering on the street and racetrack. In addition to its distinctive Saleen Signature and Saleen Original vehicle lines, Saleen offers a wide variety of technical parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel for those with a passion for performance.

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