Driving an electric car is uniquely different than their piston-powered brethren, experiencing a performance-electric car reinvigorates the thrill of driving. However, the adrenaline rush you get from hearing the engine go to full throttle is a typically overlooked aspect of electric vehicles. Saleen Automotive has solved this problem in their all-electric FOURSIXTEEN performance sedan. Among the many aerodynamic and styling enhancements, the Model S-based vehicle also provides Saleen specific performance giving it better handling, efficient cooling, and quicker acceleration along with a distinct, naturally-occurring sound.

Inspired by the sound of a Formula One car and derived from Saleen’s racing heritage, the acceleration and deceleration tones give the new drivetrain note a dynamic range. “This is what the future sounds like,” explains Steve Saleen, CEO of Saleen Automotive, “Anytime you watch a movie or TV show about the future, vehicles make a distinctive sound. That is what we achieved with our FOURSIXTEEN. I think George Jetson would approve.”

Saleen has always been known for creating distinctive automotive sounds in their performance vehicles. Historically, their exhaust and supercharger notes are as thrilling to hear as they are to experience. The all new FOURSIXTEEN is no different, and thanks to their engineering team, will be known for being the first production electric car with a naturally produced sensory stimulating sound.

Saleen is currently taking orders for the Saleen Tesla FOURSIXTEEN. More information can be found by visiting saleen.com or calling (714) 400-2121.


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